• Julianne Roe

Bath Blessing April '19 Unboxing

Hi everyone! This here is my unsponsored review of one of my all-time favorite subscription boxes I've ever come across - Bath Blessing Box.

Click here to check them out for yourself.

I'm a single working mother, and it's really easy to forget your own self care. This means anything from a shower to an ibuprofen because you're so stressed (and stressed for free time) that you've now got a headache. (That's me.)

This box won my attention pretty quick, as bath products have always been my obsession. I used the code BathBlessing$10 to save $10 off my first Sanctuary Bath Box.

Watch my full unboxing here:

Can you believe my favorite subscription box used to be a makeup box? Yeah, I think this is much better too! Which subscription is your favorite? And what is your self-care method? How do you spoil yourself? #TreatYoself #TreatYoself