Expert Service

Email has become the most prominent means of communication in the business world. It can completely monopolize your time, and take you away from managing your business and enjoying time with your family.

(One of my clients had 43,000 emails within the inbox.)

First, I'll host a free consultation call.

Get to know you, your business, your inbox, and your needs.

Next we'll lay out a plan of attack!

We will determine what automation would suit your routine, what responses need to be drafted or sent, what folders and archives can be created, and how we can get you down to a daily inbox-zero!

Doesn't that sound like a relief?

My email management services begin with establishing a solid starting point.
We clear that inbox and get you breathing easier!
We set up any systems - filtration, automation, and prioritizing. We begin drafting responses for your approval, and learning your policies, procedures, and writing style.​


I begin actively taking the forefront of your email presence. As we get through the trial period of 1-2 months, you will find this process only gets easier, as you will need to oversee less and less.

What is handled with email management?

Email management

  • Composing your file of standard operating procedures

  • Organization / filing

  • Setting up filtering / automation systems

  • Prioritizing / flagging

  • Unsubscribing / cleanup

  • Drafting replies

  • Looking up shipping inquiries

  • Record of customers receiving replacements

  • Screening inquiries

  • Calendar scheduling

  • Trial-period work summaries

  • Weekly focus meetings

Cratejoy / Shopify customer service

  • Processing account detail changes

  • Processing refunds / cancellations

  • Handling account login recovery

  • Processing subscription holds or skip shipments/renewals

  • Retrieving tracking details

  • Processing subscription renewals / reactivations

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